Friday, December 22, 2017

A Conversation With Jesus

I knew Jesus instantly. I recently met him as he cleaned up litter in a local park.”It is great to see you again,” I told him. “What’s troubling you my son,” he replied.

“Jesus, you commanded mankind to turn the other cheek, yet war is everywhere. How could anyone think God wants people to destroy each other?”

“There are also millions of unwanted immigrants,” I continued.

“These men, women and children desperately need homes, yet they are turned away. How could anyone think God wants His creations to reject each other?”

“And the environment,” I added.”Mankind is making it a cesspool.”

Jesus nodded his head in agreement and then said. “You must have patience my son. Mankind  is slowly evolving, for wisdom and compassion take time.”

“If you want to help, don’t judge nor criticize, but live your life using my teachings.”

“For change must come first from you, and as it does, more people will follow your example and the world will become a better, wiser, more loving place.”

“What if I slip,” I asked. “You will slip,” came the reply. “And I will forgive you, and guide you back to your path.”

“Just remember this: 'Let your life be your message,' and you cannot go wrong.”

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