Friday, December 8, 2017

Jessica Christ

Christians had waited more than 2,000 years for the second coming of Jesus. But when the Lord recently came again, they were stunned.

For it was not Jesus but Jessica Christ, as God has a daughter as well as a son.

“This can’t be,” the men said.. “Men are always in charge. Even God is a man.”

“No,” replied Jessica. “God is far too vast to be either a man or a woman. And you rule the world because you give women no power. That’s going to change.”

“Also, to overcome bigotry, this time my apostles will be men and women, and be multicultural and multicolors.”

“Well at least condem the gays,” the men shouted.

“Neither my brother Jesus nor I condemn anyone for being as God made them,” answered Jessica,

“Also," she added, "You must stop preaching hate in God's name, and stop killing each other in wars.”

As Jessica left to care for the poor and the homeless, the men decided they’d had enough of this new Savior.

“Nail her to a cross,” one man shouted. “No,” replied the others. "We already did that to her brother. We need something new.”

“Instead, we’ll use a modern approach. We’ll slowly pollute her to death, as we do others worldwide. Then we’ll interpret her teachings to justify anything we do.”

Just then, Jessica reappeared. "You don't know it yet, but this is a new age, one you will not control. We are going to restore hope, and build a better, wiser world, for at long last, the influence of women will be felt everywhere."

With Love To All ~ Dick
A female Savior was the idea of my friend, Mary Ellen. Print Friendly and PDF


  1. I love this and it is very realistic to me. Thank you for sharing.
    I feel like this gives me hope!
    Hope for peace and God's Love to rein again.
    No more toxic food and clean air to breath again.
    Hope, Love and thank you, Joy. Mary Ellen is my Friend Too

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    2. Thank you for expressing such beautiful thoughts. They are very much appreciated. Please have a wonderful day.