Friday, December 29, 2017

”I Don’t Believe In Angels”

Helen was going through hell. Her husband had left her, she lost her job and she was diagnosed with cancer.

“Dear God,” Helen cried out. “Please help me!”

That night, in the silence of her bedroom, an Angel appeared in a white flowing gown. “I’ve come to help you,” she told Helen.

“I don’t believe in Angels,” Helen whispered. “You’re not real, You’re a figment of my imagination.”

“Well,” replied the Angel. “We believe in you.”

“When you or anyone else is in desperate need, it is we who come to the rescue,” said the Angel. “For we make your life’s journey with you. You’re never alone.”

“With our involvement, your life will soon become far better," the Angel added.”

Even after seeing and speaking with the Angel, Helen was skeptical, thinking she had imagined the whole thing.

But over the next few days, Helen’s cancer symptoms disappeared, which her doctor proclaiened “a miracle.” Soon after, she got a better job than the old one, and she met a wonderful man there.

“I didn’t think these things could happen for me,” Helen said in prayer. “Thank you dear Angel.”

“You’re welcome,” came the reply. “Now share your happiness with others, as you become a blessing in their lives, as you have always been in ours, your Guardian Angels.”

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