Friday, September 19, 2014

When The Heart Can See What The Eyes Cannot

One magical evening 25 year old Fred brought 23 year old Freda, the woman of his dreams, home to meet his parents.

As a foursome, they had dinner together and talked afterward over dessert, and then it was time to bring Freda home.

"I hope they liked me," Freda told Fred. "How could they not," he replied with a big smile. "You are beautiful."

But when Fred returned to his parent's home to hear their comments, he was terribly disappointed.

"She is a plain and ordinary woman," Fred's mother said. "She is not nearly good enough for you. There are a million women like her."

"She is homely," his dad added. "And fat. I see nothing that makes her special."

Fred sat silently for awhile as his parents continued to denigrate Freda. And then he replied.

"There is no other woman like Freda," Fred began softly. "Not only is she unique in the world as every person is, but she is kind and gentle. She devotes herself to the well-being of others.

"She also listens to me and she cares about my feelings," Fred continued. "And when I make mistakes or inadvertently say or do hurtful things, she forgives me.

"Freda is also trying to better herself by taking classes and by reading, and she is very bright and insightful.

"I plan to propose marriage to her and if I'm very fortunate, she will say yes. And I hope you will grow to love her as I have.

"No, she may not be the prettiest woman in the world, nor trim but my heart sees her extraordinary beauty far beyond what my eyes can ever observe."


This piece was inspired in part after listening to inspirational author, writer and professor Leo Buscaglia (1924 - 1998) on a YouTube video on 9/18/14 Print Friendly and PDF

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