Monday, February 23, 2015

Gordon, Sady And Me

In the far corner of my beautiful backyard, there is a lovely patch of green grass, as smooth as a putting green. But last week, that patch suddenly had three little holes.

"Who did this to my grass," I cried out.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

A Lady In Love

35 year old Anita, was a kindergarten school teacher and a would be writer who was desperate to find the right man.

For loneliness gripped her spirit and Father Time would soon prevent her from having the children she had always hoped to have.

One night in her bedroom, Anita wrote a description of the man she wished for. He would be 40 ish in age, and a doctor, one who loved children so much that as a doctor, he would be a pediatrician.

The man she wished for would devote himself to his wife and children, and would buy a pretty white cottage for everyone to live happily in.

That night, the light of a full moon lit Anita's bedroom and in that light, she softly prayed that this story book man would come true.

But as the weeks passed, there was no sign of such a man, and sorrowfully Anita let go of her wish.

Then one day, her school hosted a "Career Day," in which people of various professions spoke to the students about their professions.

To Anita's surprise, a doctor appeared. As he spoke warmly to the students, Dr. Tom turned out to be a 40 year old pediatrician, single and with a great sense of compassion and humor.

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