Friday, May 17, 2024

Photographing The Legendary Bigfoot

The Gaviota 76 mile oceanfront in the greater Santa Barbara area is the largest undeveloped coastline in California. A UC Santa Barbara PhD student, Ms. Zoe Zilz set 40 live action cameras to capture the images of the wildlife that populates the area. 

Scientists are fascinated with her initial results showing the widely diverse animal population that resides there.

Recognizing a great idea, I decided to pursue one special animal and set live action cameras to photograph the legendary Bigfoot, a large hairy human-like creature. After learning where he feeds, I set the camera by the dumpsters in back of the bar, Boozy Miss Loozy. 

In exciting news: I may have captured the first quality photos of Bigfoot! 

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Thursday, May 9, 2024

An Orangutan Practicing Medicine

In Sumatra a male orangutan 🦧 named Rakus was seen treating wounds with herbs. 🌿 This means Rakus is practicing medicine, surprising scientists.

In a related story:

Because Rakus is affordable, patients are lining up for his medical treatments. He is booked for the next six months.

But is he worth the wait:

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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

How Old Is Old?

I’ve met 35-year-olds who were old and tired and 70-year-olds who were young and active. Athletes are old at 40 and airline pilots must retire at 65. Politicians always see themselves as eternally young.

So to determine how old is old, I asked some five-year-olds that question. “I think 12 is very old,” said Heather. “You’re not old until you’re 25,“ replied Billy. “My mom is 40 years old and she’s still young,” said Jose.

Being 79, I asked the kids if I’m old. “YES!” they shouted.

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