Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Did Little Jesus Believe In Santa Claus?

The question of whether little Jesus believed in Santa Claus has perplexed historians throughout the ages. 

In search of the answer, I visited internationally renowned professor and historian Willis Blunderfield. 

"Dr. Blunderfield, was little Jesus a believer in Santa Claus," I asked.

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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sid's Gold Emporium - A Parable

2,000 years ago Sid had his famous Jerusalem superstore, The Gold Emporium. 

It was a place where the rich and the poor, the locals and the caravans came to do business.

For Sid bought, sold and traded gold, and his signs were everywhere, beckoning people to come!

Many years earlier, Sid had begun by saving his money to invest in his business and eking out profits, which he would put in a small vault.

But each year, as Sid became more successful, he put those profits in larger and larger vaults, until his current vault was the largest in Jerusalem.

And each day, he would proclaim, "I'm richer than I have ever been, but I will be richer tomorrow." 

Then one day, a profound event occurred, one that changed everything!

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