Sunday, December 16, 2018

A Shocking Announcement From Santa

Yesterday, in a shocking announcement to the world, Santa revealed that last year all the toys were delivered by his friend Muhammed, a Muslim..

“As I got into my sleigh to deliver the toys,“ Santa stated, “I hurt my back.“

“In desperation, I turned to my long time friend Muhammed and he did a super job,” Santa added. “For some reason people believe Christians and Muslims are enemies but that’s just foolishness.”

“I agree,” said Muhammed. “Children everywhere wish to be loved and nurtured and to have a toy to play with. I was happy to help Santa.”

“Maybe someday,“ added Muhammed, “All religions will bring their worshippers together to celebrate each other’s joyous occasions. Then we will finally have peace on earth and goodwill to all.”

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Why The Costly Caravan Of Limousines Was Necessary

Recently, Buldavia’s President, Willis Blunderfield used a caravan of limousines to drive him just 250 yards to meet with one of his predecessors.

When Buldavia’s taxpayers got mad, his spokes person said, “It was necessary because of President Blunderfield’s hemorrhoids, which are very bad.

Adding, “Even as a young man, they were so bad, he was unable to serve in our military.and fight in the war although he desperately wanted to do so.”

But when asked, President Blunderfield replied, “Oh yeah, hemorrhoids. Actually, it was just too cold to walk. Why get mad? I waste money on many silly things.”

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