Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Man With The Chocolate Pants

There once was a man who loved chocolate so much, that he went to the village chocolatier and said, "Can you make for me a pair of chocolate pants?"

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Friday, September 19, 2014

When The Heart Can See What The Eyes Cannot

One magical evening 25 year old Fred brought 23 year old Freda, the woman of his dreams, home to meet his parents.

As a foursome, they had dinner together and talked afterward over dessert, and then it was time to bring Freda home.

"I hope they liked me," Freda told Fred. "How could they not," he replied with a big smile. "You are beautiful."

But when Fred returned to his parent's home to hear their comments, he was terribly disappointed.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Mayor Of Palos Verdes Confronts A Serious Immigration Issue

Palos Verdes is a seaside community near Los Angeles, and like many parts of the world, fears of immigrants confront its residents.

Those residents were only too happy to,reap the benefits of lowly paid Hispanic immigrants when they did the jobs most other people didn't want to do. And because Hispanic immigrants worked so cheap, residents could save money on almost anything residents were involved with.

But in recent years, a flood of Spanish speaking people arrived, and as they prospered, they bought the lower priced homes in the community so their children could attend Palos Verdes schools and their families could have a safer, better quality of life.

As their numbers grew, so did the use of the Spanish language that increasingly seemed to be everywhere.

Under the guise of preventing illegal immigration, residents began restricting the sale of homes and even the movement of Spanish speaking people around the community, except as gardeners, nannies and other low paid positions.

Come nightfall, they were expected to be gone.

When no-one would sell Juan and Bonita Vargas a home, the Mayor of Palos Verdes called a community wide meeting.

At that meeting the television cameras were everywhere, as residents held up signs condemning the Vargas' and some of them screamed out in anger. A chant soon echoed, "Go home where you came from, there's no place for you here."

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