Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Great Pissing Contest

Genovia was desperate for a new president. The current one had failed miserably in dealing with the pandemic that swept the land, ignored the environment, hadn't paid his taxes and was buried in debts and litigation.

So in the time honored tradition among men, the next president would be selected by a pissing contest.

The men lined up on a pier overhanging Lake Woebegone, and began urinating with everything their beer had given them.

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Selecting A New U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Dear Reader: President Trump and the Republican controlled Senate are selecting a new conservative Supreme Court justice just before the presidential election, thus taking that selection away from the Democrats in case they win the presidential election. President Trump will now have selected 3 of the 9 justices. He is under fire for repeatedly violating his oath of office, including threatening to stay in office should he lose the election. This is unprecedented in U.S. history. By stacking the Court, he may have a better chance to stay in office if his case goes to the Supreme Court, claiming the election was rigged against him.

The Democrats response has been to threaten to "pack" the Supreme Court, adding more justices than the 9 authorized under the law, if their presidential candidate is elected, and if they also elect enough senators to control the Senate. If implemented, this unfortunate approach would further undermine the Court.

What follows is a satirical email discussion I had with my dear friend Yanin Ontiveros, in which I use the Democrat's Supreme Court logic.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Defending The President of The United States

Dear Reader: In 1995, the man who is now President of The United States allegedly raped a woman, and last year while President, publicly insulted her appearance and claimed she is "not my type." She sued him for defamation (damages to her reputation). Unprecedented in U.S. history, the U.S. Attorney General decided the Federal Government should defend the President and at taxpayer expense. 

He is also attempting to substitute the U.S. Government as the defending litigant, because the President made those terrible comments while in office. If he succeeds, her case will be dismissed because the Federal Government can't be sued for defamation. 

What follows is an email discussion I had with my dear friend Yanin Ontiveros, who shared some business information with me that I set aside to address this issue. The following is our email discussion:

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