Thursday, February 18, 2021

My Dog Herbie

I love my dog Herbie, a mutt if ever there was one! But there is an unusual twist to our relationship:

Herbie doesn't live with me, he lives with my next door neighbor. This neighbor feeds him, plays with him, walks him, cleans up after him, grooms him, bathes him and takes him to the veterinarian. 

In fact, it was this neighbor who rescued Herbie from the dog pound and named him.

Herbie is so happy with my neighbor, he spends little time with me, but that's ok, for we have quality time together, although I can't recall when the last time was.

So if you want a dog, remember my example and select a neighbor who loves dogs and you will have the happiest of relationships with your loving little furry companion.

With Love To All - Dick
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