Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Wisdom Of King Solomon

Solomon, who lived about 3,000 years ago, was the King of Israel, and renowned for his wisdom. This is our version of a famous biblical story about King Solomon.

Two women came to him, each claiming a baby boy was hers. Solomon took the baby, lifted his sword, and loudly proclaimed, "I'll split the baby in two, so you'll each have half."

The first woman was silent.

But the second woman, desperate to save the baby's life, cried out, "Don't harm the child. Give her the baby."

Upon which King Solomon said to the second woman, "In your compassion, you are the baby's real mother, and I shall give the child to you."

But before he could hand the baby to the second woman, a representative of the Israeli Child Protective Services Agency spoke up.

"Woman number two doesn't have the financial resources to support this baby," he said. "And we've already taken three of her other children and put them into foster care."

"Woman number one would make a better mother," the Child Protective Services man added.

Just then, the tax collector raised her voice. "Woman number one hasn't paid her taxes in three years. We're going to seize her home."

King Solomon was speechless at the sudden turn of events.

Just then, another voice was raised. "I'm a lawyer," the man bellowed.

With a sweep of his bejeweled hand, he said with a sneer, "Under Israeli laws, you don't have the power to grant this child to anyone. This case must go through the legal system and while it does, the baby will go into foster care."

"That's it," yelled King Solomon, setting the baby aside.

He then grabbed his sword and tried to split the lawyer in two, until his servants tackled him to the floor.

"I never could stand lawyers," King Solomon was heard to say, as they wisked him out of the room.

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