Sunday, April 22, 2018

What if Jesus Didn’t Die For Your Sins?

“What if Jesus didn’t die for your sins,” I asked His Eminence.

“Some scholars today,” I said, “Say that right after Jesus’ death, there was the belief God would act against those who took his life, and against other evil doers.”

“When that didn’t happen," I continued, "The claim became Jesus died for your sins. But what if that claim was false too?”

“It can’t be false,” replied His Eminence. “Our priests if need be grant deathbed absolution when a sinner renounces his or her sins.”

“Then a person can live a terrible life,” I said, “And at its end, renounce their sins and be forgiven, whereas another person can live an exemplary life, and not be forgiven his or her sins.”

“Yes,” he replied. “Those are our teachings.”

“But,” I asked, “What.if a person is responsible for his or her actions? What if good and bad deeds matter?”

“This is the essence of karma,” I added. “And for 2,000 years, in Jesus’ silence, it would appear to be the way of life.”

“You are not Roman Catholic,” His Eminence replied. “No,but I’m respectful of all religions,” I answered, “But I am a seeker of truth, wherever that truth may lead.”

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