Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Great Lantana Confrontation

To bring tranquility and beauty into my life, three days ago our gardener planted Lantanas, which are low growing flowering plants. 

This morning while I was enjoying my garden, I heard voices coming from the Lantana. I was stunned, not realizing Lantana can speak. 

When my gardener planted them, he planted orange/red ones and he planted a few purple ones and a big batch of white.

While I stood there dumbfounded, still absorbing the fact that Lantana can speak, suddenly a spokesman for the white ones said, “We hate those of other colors!" 

“How can that be,“ I asked. “You all came from the same nursery and aside from color, you are all the same.” 

“No,” he replied. “We are superior!”

“You realize,” I told him, “There is only one garden and it is your entire world. You are going to have to learn to live with each other. There is no other choice!" 

“No,” he replied. “We are superior! And we want you to build a wall separating them from us.”

This sounded remarkably like the wall former U.S. President Trump began to build separating the U.S. from Mexico, at great cost and without success.

Before I could ask them about that, and what makes them superior, they began to chant:

“Build that wall, build that wall!" 

“And if I don’t,” I answered angrily. In response, they began to chant, “Lock him up, lock him up!”

Disgusted, I went into my house to think about this. I'm now considering replacing them with cactus. 

Cactus are prickly by nature but at least they have a reputation for getting along well together, something Lantana and people don't seem to do very well.

With Love To All - Dick 

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