Saturday, June 25, 2022

Jesus' Kid Brother Shmekel

Occasionally, I've had the great pleasure of being with Jesus. It happened again recently at a homeless shelter shortly after he finished serving breakfast to those in need.

I asked Jesus if we could talk. "Of course my son," he replied. "Can we walk and talk?" "Happily Jesus," I answered.

As we walked out the door, he greeted some homeless people on the sidewalk, and one of them had a puppy. 

"May I hold your puppy for a moment," he asked. "Of course," the man replied. And Jesus snuggled the little dog and gave it back to him.

"I love dogs," Jesus told the man.

And then Jesus turned to me.  "How can I help you my son," he asked with a gentle smile.

"Jesus," I replied, "I've always wondered if you have a little brother or sister." "I do," he answered. "A kid brother named Shmekel."

"Would you please tell me about Shmekel," I asked.

"Happily," he said with a chuckle. "Shmekel loved good food and used to cater all my big events, including The Last Supper."

"He did this through his 'Shmekel's Deli,' which he claimed had 'The best pastrami in all Jerusalem.'"

"Shmekel's Deli was so popular, that ox carts and donkey carts often filled the parking lot. Goat herders, carpenters and fishermen came from miles away."

"King Herod the Great, Luke the Evangelist and military leader Josephus even had pastrami sandwiches named for them."

"In fact his food was so good, I would want Shmekel back now to help feed those in need but I am concerned pastrami might be too Jewish."

"Not any more Jesus," I replied. "Pastrami is no longer an ethnic food and it is served all over the world. Shmekel's pastrami would be very much in demand."

"If Shmekel could make great pizza as well, he would make a big hit today. And if he added dim sum and tacos, he would be unbeatable." 

And as you've shown us, hungry people welcome any fresh food, especially when it is given from the heart.

"This is wonderful news," answered Jesus. 

"I will encourage Shmekel to return and bring joy to the world! Good food, love and laughter, it would be marvelous!"

With Love To All - Dick

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