Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Reflective Pond Of Truth

One sunny day in a wooded, quiet village, two identical twin teenage sisters came to a pond. The first sister looked into the pond and in seeing her reflection, she saw a beautiful young lady with a big smile and the warm glow from a heart full of love and optimism looking back at her.

Then her sister looked into the pond and saw a sad and ugly face staring back harshly at her. And the more she looked, the more forlorn and hopeless that face appeared, until finally the pond took on tiny ripples from the trickle of her tears falling onto the reflection of her likeness.
While the second sister stared into the pond, the first sister collected a bouquet of wild flowers and then handed them to her sister. "They're beautiful," the second sister said. "Yes they are," replied the first sister. "And so are you. If only you could see the beauty in you as you see the beauty in those flowers, it would bring great joy to your heart and happiness into your reflection."
All the world serves as a reflective pond. How do you see yourself and what image do you offer the world? 
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