Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Then I Would Be Important."

"If only I received an award for the great job I do at work," said the man to the 94 year old mystic, "Then I would be important. And everyone would know that I am important."

"But that is an illusion my son," replied the mystic. "For people go on with their lives and the awards given to others are forgotten. Even the awards given for widely recognized achievements in sports and entertainment or other fields of supposedly important endeavors are soon forgotten.

"What matters," the mystic continued, "Is what is inside of you. And making a wonderful difference in the lives of others, as measured in their hearts and yours.

"Loving your family and friends, that too matters, especially as you express that love by your generous actions and in your kind words and hugs.

Uncredited donations to charity matter because you help others in need while seeking no ego gratification for doing it, which in itself matters, for charitable giving is about the recipient, not the self-glorification of the giver.

"The most important thing you can do," the mystic concluded, "Is to make this world a better place. For if you do, you will find peace within yourself and live a meaningful life. There are no awards greater than that."

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