Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Which Is Greater?

"Is there value in being," asked the kindly 94 year old mystic to his students. "Or is the greater value in accomplishing a place of importance in this world?

"By being, I mean a journey of self-discovery to find out who you really are and what your purpose is," continued the mystic. "And then act on that purpose."

"Or is the value in doing as much as possible in one lifespan to create fame and fortune and power for one's self? For these are the things many societies around the world value."

The kindly mystic sat quietly as his students pondered the question.

"Fame, fortune and power are meaningless," he then replied, "In a world in which everyone is briefly passing through. In a short time, the person who attained that fame and power will be back in spirit in a different dimension no longer being in the identity they were while here in body and all the money is left behind.

"The rich and powerful ancient Egyptians fought that concept trying desperately to preserve their bodies and bring their possessions with them, only to miserably fail as many a later grave robber proved.

"Life is a journey of self-discovery," said the mystic. "To have meaning, each of us must discover our purpose, for how else can we strive to achieve it. And a part of our purpose that we all have in common is to help our fellow beings, for we are all on this journey together."

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