Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Little Cottage In The Meadow

In a little cottage in a meadow, a couple had settled seeking a sanctuary of peace and tranquility in a beautiful setting. About 20 paces in front of their cottage, under a thick grove of deep green pine trees, a brook of crystal clear clean water flowed by.

The water tasted so cool and fresh, that rather than drink from the tap, each day the man would fill a cloth water bag and carry it the 20 paces back to the cottage and pore it into a container the couple would drink from.

One day, one of their neighbors watched him carry this cloth water bag as water dripped from the saturated cloth bag to either side of him all the way from the brook to the cottage.

"Don't you think there are better ways to carry the water," she remarked with good natured laughter. "You've lost about half your drinking water."

"Actually I haven't lost any water at all," the man replied with a smile. "On either side of the path I walk notice the magnificent wild flowers. They are blooming in shades of pinks, purples and golds.

"Each spring and summer day under the glow of the sun, these wild flowers warm my heart and lift my spirits. This is how I water them. If my wife and I want more water, I just make a second trip to the brook.

"It's nature's way," he added, "Of sharing the water and spreading more beauty into our lives."

This piece was in part inspired by "The Virtue of Imperfection," (Author Unknown) published by my friend Kathleen Jacoby on 5/19/13 Print Friendly and PDF

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