Monday, July 1, 2013

Woobee And The Oobee Doobee

When William was a tot of 3, he struggled to pronounce his name, and as hard as he tried, his name came out "Woobee."

Woobee loved to dance and he loved rock 'n' roll music as he moved to the beat, dancing side to side and forward and back, while his parents and two big brothers always cheered him on, accompanied by clapping and by good natured laughter.

Little Woobee loved their response and regularly danced to the music.

Then one day a new song rocketed to the top of the charts, "The Oobee Doobee" and it captured Woobee's imagination as it inspired him to take his dance moves to a whole new level, adding spins and turns to his moves.

His dance was dazzling and whenever "The Oobee Doobee" would play on the radio, his parents would call to him and from out of nowhere would burst Woobee, dancing vigorously to the beat.

However as time passed, little Woobee grew older and his dancing to "The Oobee Doobee" faded into memory, taking with it all of his great dance moves. Woobee became William and an outstanding student, and eventually a prominent doctor.

Yet in his memory and in the memories of his parents, his tiny tot dancing lives on, especially when an oldies radio station plays "The Oobee Doobie." William can feel the beat in his feet and his parents can feel it in their hearts.

Note: Today's fable was adapted from a real life story. Print Friendly and PDF

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