Friday, October 25, 2013

Hanging With Hitler

As a 68 year old Jewish man, and a person seeking spiritual growth, I've long been troubled by Adolf Hitler, the former German leader whom history holds responsible for World War 2, that claimed 60 million lives, the deadliest war in history. Among those dead were six million Holocaust Jews.

But suddenly today in an inspired state I met Hitler, who was 56 years old when he died in 1945, and as we hung out together we had a chance to speak and he shared some remarkable insight with me. The following is our Q and A:

Q: "Why did you commit mass murder?"
A: "You think I carried out mass murder? It wasn't possible. These were my ideas and I led it but it took the support of many millions of people and that support was there. Among them were the people who carried out all the murder and misery.

"I was just a guy in a beer hall with some extreme ideas. You can find guys like me in beer halls and bars all over the world. But my ideas resonated with people and the next thing I know, I'm Chancelor of Germany."

Q: "Why did you hate Jews?"
A: "Why did I hate Jews! Read 'Mein Kampf.' But there was more, much more. People debate whether my father was actually fathered by a Jew and he was. Once we Nazis took power, we destroyed what records there were because I couldn't have Jews murdered for being Jewish and be partly Jewish myself.

"That Jew was brutal to my father, beating him mercilessly and he carried those bitter scars for the rest of his life. Fathers can influence sons, particularly when the sons are young. My father strongly influenced me so my hostility for Jews was personal and they paid the price for what that Jew did to my father.

"But where do you come off being so high and mighty? In America you enslaved millions of blacks and you devastated the native peoples, many of whom died en mass. Then you put the survivors on reservations, slowly killing their spirits. U.S. history is covered in blood and brutality and of the rich exploiting the poor."

Q: "Why doesn't history record it this way?"
A: "Because history is written by the victors. Had we triumphed in World War 2, we would have written history much different than you did and we would have had a much different set of heroes and villains.

"Take a look at World War 1 for example. Those crazy bastards killed 16 million people and wounded 20 million more, the worst slaughter in history until World War 2. They wiped out a generation of Europeans and for what? In the end what did they accomplish? Later it was said that I and not them was crazy, but do you think I ever could have risen to power without them?

"And think about this: The U.S. in recent years invaded, occupied, and tortured the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan in wars of choice, wars of exploitation. It set off mass murder of men, women and children and this devastation continues today. Because we lost World War 2 we were put on trial in Nuremberg for war crimes. But U.S. leaders today face no such trials because of their military might."

Dear Reader, at this point I was almost overwhelmed and sat quietly to collect my thoughts. Hitler sat quietly as well until I resumed asking questions.

Q: "How do we prevent such tragedies from happening in the future? How do we prevent a nuclear Holocaust? How do we prevent a World War 3?"
A: "Since my death, I've learned so much in my spiritual state and can answer you from the heart.

"The only way to prevent it is to learn to love each other, respect each other and see your oneness in each other. And you must take such military might out of the hands of mankind through disarmament.

"If you don't, heavily militarized nations such as the U.S. in confronting its enemies will eventually wipe out mankind.

"Don't you understand, I'm just a manifestation of you. All those horrors I wrought were reflective of who mankind was then. Mankind has not changed, nor learned lessons from the massive tragedy of all the wars since. And during the so called Cold War, the planet was nearly destroyed on many occasions.

"It is your hate, your bigotry, your fear and your desire to seize what belongs to your brethren that makes people like me possible. The choice is yours. Scapegoat me or face reality for what it really is and make the changes that are necessary to uplift your world to the wonderful piece of heaven it could become."

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