Monday, October 5, 2015


As Bill awoke, he felt an incredible sense of peace and joy. Never had he felt so good. Then glancing to his right, he saw an Angel smiling at him.

"Who are you," Bill asked. "I'm your Guardian Angel and I've just awakened you from your dream."

"What dream," asked Bill. "Look behind you," the Angel replied.

As Bill looked, he saw an old man version of himself lying lifeless on the bed.

"You've finished this life," said the Angel. "It's but one of many you have lived and will live."

"Every life is a play with three acts," the Angel continued. "The 1st act is your youth, the 2nd act your middle age and the final act is your old age."

"Then why do some people die in their youth or in middle age," Bill asked.

"Because they've fulfilled their reasons for being in this life," answered the Angel. "Or this life is such a disaster we Angels close the play."

"Before you began this life, you and every other individual agreed upon a script, a script to fulfill your karmic needs."

"Now you've completed that life and we will evaluate the results with you."

"You mean my life was just a play, just a dream," Bill said in surprise."Everything I knew in life wasn't real."

"That's right," replied the Angel. "Only issues of character and compassion were real."

"You mean my money, my job, my home, none of that was real?"

"That's right," the Angel.replied. "They were all props to serve issues of character and compassion."

"What about my loved ones?"

"They were actors on a stage, coming in and out of your dream, and you were coming in and out of their dreams."

"So power meant nothing, Bill said quizzically. "Wars meant nothing, countries meant nothing, politics meant nothing, religion meant nothing, fame meant nothing and sports teams meant nothing."

"That's right," the Angel replied. "Other than when they touched upon character and compassion."

"Now you are awakened," the Angel continued, "And realizing what you thought was life was just a dream, an illusion. It was never real."

"It's funny how we fool ourselves," Bill replied.

"When if we paid attention and analyzed our observations, we would have known that all along and not wasted so much precious time in pursuit of our illusions."

"That's right," answered the Angel.

"But most people would rather pursue the illusions, when what is real is far better. Come with me now and I will show you as we begin our heavenly journey home."


Dear Reader: Character is grounded in integrity and to going the extra mile, especially when that extra mile is difficult and no-one else steps up. Compassion is understanding and caring and is based in love and forgiveness.. Print Friendly and PDF

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