Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The End Of The World

"My world is over," said the caterpillar sadly to his friends. "My body is ceasing to function and shortly I'll be gone."

"What can we do to help you," they all asked. "Very little," he replied. "It's all over. Just help me wrap myself in this cocoon."

And they did, as tears trickled from their eyes.

But then one sunny day, the caterpillar felt himself coming back to life and quickly scrambled out of the cocoon.

"I'm alive," he shouted.

"And as he saw his reflection in a brook, he added, "I'm beautiful. I'm a butterfly. Look at my bright colors."

"And I can fly!"

Soon what used to be a caterpillar soared into the blue sky and like a ballerina, landed gently on the red roses and then settled on a yellow honeysuckle.

Under the honeysuckle his friends gathered to behold him. "It's magic," they said.

"No, my friends," he answered. "It's life. That's what this experience taught me."

"Life is always changing," said the butterfly. "When the days seem their darkest, something new and better is awaiting us even if we can't see it."

"But with a little faith, we can relax and let life take its natural course, as what is old and tired is reborn into something new and exciting."

"Today I rejoice in being a butterfly, in a few tomorrows I'll become something new and so will each of you as we share life's journey together, each of us beautiful in our own way."


This piece was inspired by the 10/19/15 obituary for Claudia "Prieta" Garcia (1977 - 2015) in which it was written, "Just when the caterpillar Thought the world was over It became a butterfly." To visit her obituary http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dailybreeze/obituary.aspx?pid=176088699 Print Friendly and PDF

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