Friday, March 11, 2016

A Gathering Of Angels

In a heavenly dimension, the Angels gathered.

"It is time for you to be born again in body as human," they told Freddy, who was one of the Angels.

"As an Angel, you will be of far better service to all living beings, as you gain the wisdom and resolve your karmic issues that come with being in body."

"Freddy, you know the process. We will make this journey with you as we watch over you, providing our guidance and protection."

"One more thing Freddy, while you're in body, you will have no memory of us or this meeting."

And so it was, Freddy was born into a working class family, and bore the many struggles life brings.

As an adult, Freddy had his own working class family, and they endured health issues, money problems and other challenges.

But all the while, the Angels intervened, without Freddy's knowledge, and often there was a happy ending at the end of a difficult situation.

For example, when Freddy's 15 year old son Daniel had a cancerous mole that spread its deadly toxins, the boy was quickly on the brink of death.

But in answer to Freddy's and his family's prayers, the Angels spared Daniel's life and he made a full recovery.

While in body, Freddy enjoyed loving and being loved and needed, and doing things to help others, as he grew wiser from each experience.

Then when Freddy reached the human age of 75, one day the Angels appeared in front of him, as he suddenly recalled the original meeting that put him in body.

"It's time Freddy," one of the Angels said with a smile. "You served your purpose."

"During this life, you made many good decisions, and some regretful ones, but your learned a lot of valuable lessons in the process, and we are proud of you."

"Now it's time for you to rejoin us."

"But I'll miss my loved ones," Freddy replied.

"Of course you will miss them but you will be with them again in future journeys, and if you want, you can watch over them now."

And so it was. The next day Freddy's neighbor found him lifeless on the couch, and the paramedics said he died from a heart attack.

In a heavenly dimension, as Freddy and the other Angels gathered, Freddy could feel the immense love and joy that comes from being Angelic, and then with a grin he said,

"I missed you guys. It's wonderful to be back."

"But now it's time for one of you to be born in body. As you are, I promise to be of greater service in guiding and protecting you than I had been in the past, now that I'm wiser from the life I just lived."

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