Friday, March 25, 2016

The Healing Closet

Age and injuries had brought 60 year old Milton considerable pain, as his body had begun breaking down.

Each day he suffered from backaches, his knees hurt and his eye sight was becoming limited. Yet his doctors had no solutions.

Then one day Milton noticed a light that was left on in his closet, and when he turned it off, it turned itself back on. Each time he turned it off, it went back on.

But as Milton stood in the closet under the light, he felt a warmth and a tingling sensation throughout his body.

After 10 minutes, the light turned itself off, and Milton realized his body had dramatically changed.

Milton's backache was gone, his knees felt wonderful and his sight was so good, he no longer needed glasses. And he had the energy of a 10 year old boy.

Milton ran down the hall and gently took the left hand of his 60 year old wife Molly. Her body was wracked with arthritis and she was in constant pain.

"Come Molly," he whispered. "I've just experienced a miracle and maybe you will too. It is as if I just found the fountain of youth."

He walked Molly to the closet, and as she stepped in, the light turned on. "What's happening" she called to Milton, as a warmth and a tingling gripped her body. "You'll see sweetheart," he replied.

After 10 minutes, it was if Molly had been reborn. The arthritis was gone, and her disfigured hands, feet and neck took the shape they had in her youth.

After laughing aloud in joy, Molly asked, "Do you think this will work for others?"

"It will," echoed a voice. "And we of the spirit will guide others in need to you, to experience this profound healing."

"You nor they can ever tell others how each of you was healed, nor can money ever change hands, for this healing is a spiritual gift."

And so it was, each day someone new was cured.

It became obvious from their diverse backgrounds, that like Milton and Molly with ther charity work, each person was making an important difference in the world.

Milton and Molly are now 15 years older and looking remarkably youthful for their age. It is rumored that mysterious healings are taking place somewhere, but from where or how, no-one can say.

Yet each day a stranger comes to their door and that light glows anew for 10 minutes, and for this greatly fortunate person, the ravages of age, injuries and illness disappear.


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