Friday, March 4, 2016

His Secret To Success

Tim loved to play baseball and in middle school and high school tried his best to make the baseball team.

He would practice much longer and harder than the other players, but each time, he was just good enough to make the baseball team, but not good enough to play. To make matters worse, younger players passed Tim by, which embarrassed him and hurt his feelings.

The other players called Tim a loser and none of them hung out with him, and the coaches didn't think he was worth investing their time in. He was sad and alone.

Tim never forgot his frustration and dissapointment in baseball and as the years went by, he would work his day job, and save his money, while hoping to become a successful real estate investor.

To become a successful real estate investor, Tim did what he used to do in baseball, he worked much harder than everyone else as he learned all about real estate investment.

As an investor, he didn't need the physical skills playing baseball required, he just needed the courage to act.

One day Tim bought his first property, a tiny house. He used his savings to make the down payment and borrowed the rest of the purchase price from the bank.

Tim then rented the house to tenants, and after a few years, the rent had gone up enough where he could use the profits to buy another house.

Tim repeated this process many times and eventually owned many homes, which made him a very rich man.

At his 30 year high school reunion, everyone wanted to know his secret for success, including all those better baseball players those many years ago, the same players that had called him a loser.

"It's very simple," Tim replied. "I had been blessed with a healthy body and just enough talent to make the baseball team, but never enough talent to get to play."

"But in what looked like failure, I had learned the importance of hard work and self discipline and when real estate became my dream, I applied those lessons, along with the courage to act."

"My failed baseball career became the foundation for my enormous success in real estate."

"And one more thing, I just bought a Major League Baseball Team, so that I can have fun with the players and the fans, and now achieve far more in baseball than I ever could have as a player."

"If you want to be successful, persist through your failures, and you will discover that you never actually failed at all. What you gained were the stepping stones to success."


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