Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Bird And The Mouse

The mouse looked up at the tree filled with luscious purple plums.

"All I ever get are the rotted plums lying on the ground," the mouse thought. "I've always wanted fresh plums but I'm not able to climb this big tree to get them."

Just then, the mouse saw a bird land on a tree branch, and soon the bird began eating his fill in plums.

Suddenly, the mouse had an idea. "Hey bird," the mouse called out. ""Can you knock some plums down to me?"

"Why should I," replied the bird.

"Because I can give you what you want most," answered the mouse. "This time of year, you're busy building a nest. You need nesting material."

"In the barn where I live," continued the mouse, "There is great straw for building nests, but the barn door is often closed and you can't get that straw."

"What I can do is drag the straw out piece by piece under the barn door and give it to you. Soon you'll have all the nesting material you need."

"Sounds good," said the bird. Soon he was knocking down plums as the mouse dragged the straw out.

The moral to our story: Nothing is impossible when we understand what others want and we help them get it in exchange for what we want.

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