Friday, September 15, 2017

"Kindness and Payback"

Howard had grownup an orphan, unadopted by any family. Now at 19, he was too old for foster care and lived in homeless shelters.

One night, homeless and alone, and seeking shelter from the rain, he slept in the yard of Bernie and Ruthie Cohen, people he had never met.

Early the next morning when the Cohens found him, they looked at his tattered clothes and his frail body, and Ruthie said, "I don't think this boy has anyone."

When they awoke him, Howard was fearful and ready to run away. "Would you like some breakfast," Ruthie asked. Startled at her kindness, Howard replied, "Yes please."

Over breakfast, they began getting to know each other. As they listened to Howard, tears came to their eyes. "You can stay with us if you like," Ruthie assured the boy.

Bernie and Ruthie had been married for 30-years and had never been able to have children, and Howard was a welcome addition to their home.

Loved and nurtured for the first time in his life, Howard thrived. The Cohens happily paid for his college education and then medical school.

Dr. Howard became a very successful surgeon, one whose extraordinary skills saved many lives.

He also married, and he and his wife had two children, giving the Cohens the great joy of becoming grandparents.

But as the years passed, the Cohens eventually grew old and frail. "When I was young and frail," Howard told them, "You were there for me. Now in your time of need, I am here for you."

And he took care of the Cohens until Bernie and Ruthie passed away, all three lives brighter and happier because they had had each other's love and kindness.

With Love To All ~ Dick

This Fable was partly inspired by a real life story on a reblog of "Kindness and Payback" from

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