Friday, November 24, 2017

The Tale Of Tavish McTavish

60-year-old Tavish McTavish was the richest man in town.

As his business prospered, he converted the money to gold and buried it in a secret place so he would always have it.

But one day, as he buried more gold, a voice rang out. "McTavish, you're the poorest man in town."

As McTavish looked around, he saw an ancient old man, well over 100-years-old. "Just as I followed you," the gray bearded old man said, "so could anyone else."

"And they could rob you of your gold, or dig it up after you leave."

"Real riches can never be taken from you," continued the old man, "for real riches are people who love you. But no-one loves you and the whole town thinks you are a cheapskate."

"I was like you once," the old man added. "I was miserable and cried every night, for I was alone, and no-one cared if I lived or died."

"So I changed my selfish ways, and opened my heart and my wallet to the town, and finally found meaning and joy in my life. So can you."

Then without a sound, the old man disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared.

McTavish called to him, "Please help me, I don't want to be alone anymore. I want my life to have meaning and joy."

But there wasn't a sound.

That afternoon, McTavish took some of his gold and gave it to the homeless mission. He took more of his gold and donated it to the school, and more yet to the hospital.

"It's not too late," he kept murmuring to himself, as people hugged him and in tears, thanked him for his generosity. He soon became the most popular man in town.

Among the many people who were grateful to him was a 60-year-old widow, who with her children and grandchildren welcomed him with open hearts.

Soon, she and Tavish McTavish were married in a wedding lovingly attended by the whole town. He would never again be unloved and friendless.

But as he looked beyond the crowd, he saw the very old bearded man smiling at him, and then the old man faded away, his rescue of McTavish completed.

With Love To All ~ Dick

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