Friday, December 15, 2017

In God's Image

"I was made in God's image," I told my friend William. "God looks like me. He's white, blue eyed and has gray hair."

"God can't look like you," William replied. "He looks like me. He's black, brown eyed and has curly black hair."

We weren't sure how to resolve this when our friend Patty joined us. "He looks like me," she said.

"He can't," we replied. "You're a woman." "Then who do I look like," she asked. "I'm better looking than you guys. Does this mean I'm better looking than God?"

We didn't know what to say. And then a renowned 91-year-old Buddhist Monk sat down with us.

"None of you looks like God," the Monk said. "God is too vast to be human. God is everywhere and in everything. Instead of being concerned with appearances - why not focus on loving others and in making this a better world?"

"No," we answered. "We'd rather argue over appearances." After a hearty laugh, the Monk replied, "May wisdom someday find each of you," and got up and left.

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