Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What Is Reality?

In large companies, for fear of losing their jobs, seldom do people defy the CEO, nor bring him bad news. This Fable illustrates how it works.

Recently, after a business lunch that included heavy drinking, Harvey, the CEO of a giant company staggered back to work.

In his drunken state, Harvey thought he had a fancy imaginary dog at the end of an imaginary leash. As the CEO, no-one dared to tell him otherwise.

"Sir," said one employee. "What a beautiful dog you have." "Thank you," mumbled Harvey. "Oh yes," said another employee. "I think he's championship caliber."

The more the compliments came, the prouder Harvey became, as he strutted around the office with a dog no-one else could see.

When he finally sobered up, Harvey felt foolish about a dog that never existed, so he bought a dog, put it on a leash and began walking it around the company.

Only this time, to show employees he had a sense of humor, he pretended not to have a dog. "Oh I wish I had a dog," said Harvey, "but I don't."

"I wish you had one too," said one employee. "As do I," said another, as the word spread to pretend Harvey had no dog.

Pretending worked well until the dog pooped on Harvey's carpet. "Someone clean that up," hollered Harvey. "Clean what up sir," everyone replied. 

"Why aren't people honest with me," Harvey muttered, as he cleaned the mess. “At least my dog gave me reality in no uncertain terms.” However a moment later Harvey added, “Maybe I should get rid of him.”

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