Friday, September 28, 2018

How You Can Be Happy Despite All The Bad News

With so much frustration and bad news in the world, I visited famed professor Dr. Willis Blunderfield to learn how to be happy again.

“Happiness is vital,“ said Dr. Blunderfield. “ and to restore it is very simple.“

“Building close and loving relationships, is by far the most important thing.”

“If you make that your highest priority, you will find greater happiness, and with that happiness, a major improvement in your health and well-being.”

“But,“ I said. “How does that solve the problems in the world?“

“It’s crucial,“ replied Dr. Blunnderfield. “If you aren’t happy and healthy, you can do little to help others.”

“But if you are happy and healthy, you can pursue the unfairness and frustrations of the world and make all the difference in solving them.”

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