Saturday, October 6, 2018

And The Angel Spoke

Deeply troubled by the terrible issues confronting us, I sought silence and solitude and in prayer, asked an Angel how to deal with them.

“You can get angry,” she replied in her soft and gentle voice, “But all you will do is frustrate yourself, and you will fail to change the world.”

“Instead, you must be the vessel of the heart that delivers your message of love to the world. For it is only with love that this world can change for the better.“

“But I’m just one person,” I pleaded. “How can I make a difference?” “The same way every other leader from Jesus to Gandhi to Mother Teresa did, by setting a loving example,” she answered.

“If you will do this, you will begin to change yourself, and as you change, you will affect the thinking of others and the world will begin to change.”

“The choice is yours: Remain bitter and accomplish nothing, or with love change everything.”

With Love To All ~ Dick

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