Monday, January 14, 2019

The Sinking Of Titanica

Genovia and Titanica were in yet another border dispute about undocumented Genovians coming into Titanica.

Then one day, without consulting Genovia, Titanica President Blunderfield said Titanica would build a giant protective wall and Genovia would pay for it.

“We refuse,” screamed the people of Genovia. “It doesn’t matter what they say,“ replied President Blunderfield. “They will pay for it.”

But no money came from Genovia. So without explanation, President Blunderfield then announced Titanica would pay for it.

“We refuse,” screamed the people of Titanica. In reply, President Blunderfield shut down Titanica’s government, badly hurting its workers and the Titanica economy.

“Why are you doing this,“ asked a Boy Scout during a photo op. “It’s necessary,“ replied President Blunderfield, “To make Titanica great again.“

With Love To All ~ Dick

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