Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Recently, while visiting the Kingdom of Genovia, I attended two massive rallies.

In the first rally, about COVID vaccinations, thousands of people arrived to loudly proclaim, "MY BODY, MY CHOICE," and "SUPPORT FREEDOM OF CHOICE!"

As questions arose, many of these anti-vax supporters refused to speak to the "liberal media." 

The next day at the second rally, I saw many of these same demonstrators but this time loudly opposing women's legal rights to control their own bodies.

"Abortion is murder," they shouted. "Shut down the abortion clinics!" and "God Hates Abortion!" were written on their signs. I was stunned!

But yesterday you demanded, "MY BODY, MY CHOICE," and "SUPPORT FREEDOM OF CHOICE" so how can you now justify reversing your own position. "It's not the same," people shouted. But no-one could tell me how it was different.

So I sought advice from Genovia's most prominent politician, Willis Blunderfield. 

"It's very simple," he replied to me. "People act through their emotions, not their logic. They know what they want and they just ignore the contradictions."

What are you going to do about this," I asked. "Nothing, of course," he replied. "It's too controversial."

And he added, "Don't take it personally. These shouting matches are never resolved, they just go on indefinitely. Sometimes laws change but then they change back."

"Do as I do," he continued. "If you have to say anything, when speaking to the women's rights groups, speak out of the left side of your mouth."

"If you speak to the anti-vaxxers, speak from the right side of your mouth. Hopefully the two sides of your mouth will never have to speak as one." 

With Love To All - Dick 

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