Thursday, November 4, 2021


Warning: Dear Reader, this Fable is about a real life passenger who allegedly assaulted a flight attendant. As of this writing, he has not been convicted in a court of law. I hold his alleged victim in my heart and I pray for her healing and her well-being and that of her family. I also pray for him, as a soul so misguided, as to allegedly commit such an atrocity. Here is our Fable:

On a recent flight from New York to Orange County, California, a 20 year old man allegedly assaulted a flight attendant. She received a concussion, a broken nose, and may have other facial damage, as well as emotional harm. When arrested, it was reported he claimed he is not responsible because he has had brain surgery. He also claimed her face hit his hand. To date, he has expressed no remorse.

Using his logic, I decided to rob my local bank. I feel justified because I have had two shoulder surgeries and spilled hot chocolate on my lap. My disguise is comic character Ted Lasso and my satchel has a demand note for $10,000 and a BB gun. If I get caught, I too will express no remorse. 

And I’ve seen enough 1940s and 1950s Hollywood crime movies to know how to talk tough, and to use the word “copper” in referring to a police officer. And I anticipate that a police detective with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth will take me to "headquarters" for a "grilling" trying to get me to confess.

But then once this 20-year-old Orange County man and I are in court rooms, we will both feel remorse and apologize for our alleged crimes, as we try to reduce our sentences, because this time, it is us who will feel the pain. 

He has been charged with two felonies, and I will likely be charged with writing a silly Fable. For him, there could be prison time. For me, it will be 1940's and 1950's crime movie time in which the judge will sentence me to "hard labor" in a prison I will soon escape from.

With Love To All - Dick

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