Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Today Jesus Spoke To Me

As I looked out my window this morning, I saw an unusual man and my heart told me I had to speak with him, for I sensed he was Jesus.

He didn't look like Jesus because he wasn't white as he is so often depicted, nor did he have a long robe and long hair.

Instead, he was a homeless man, walking the world in tattered clothing. He was 5 feet, 2 inches tall, with dark hair, copper colored skin and a thin body. 

Jesus spoke Spanish and a little English and he had his belongings in a fast food sized plastic bag he held in his right hand.

No-one else seemed to notice him, as if he was invisible. The hardships he had bourn were written in his eyes and in the lines on his face, and in his well worn calloused hands.

When I called to him, he slowly walked away from me, concerned I might call the police, who would quickly remove him from this prosperous neighborhood.

"I'm here to help you," I said softly. And he turned around and waited for me.

When we met, how did I know he was Jesus?

I felt an almost overwhelming energy of love, something the world desperately needs but would never accept from such a simple man.

But I welcomed his loving energy as we stood quietly together. It was a Zen Buddhist type energy, so calming and relaxing, it was if we had passed into a higher state of consciousness.

Afterward, because he had no money, I gently placed some in his hand. Jesus graciously thanked me in English and Spanish, and I wished him well.

Later, in the news I saw many people claiming to speak for him, some as self-proclaimed, self-righteous evangelical Christians.

They condemned others in the name of Jesus for abortion, or for homelessness or for other reasons, and some of these evangelicals also demanded the right to bear arms, as anger and hate boiled within them.

So they will never recognize Jesus, for he walks the world spreading only love. 

If you would like to meet him, open your heart wide enough to love everyone, and you may find him walking down your street, unrecognized by everyone but you.

With Love To All - Dick

Comment: I'm not a Christian, but welcome everyone into my life. Some come in love and in peace, which they express in their actions. One can debate whether I met Jesus today but no-one can debate that such people walk this world, as Mother Teresa, "Mahatma" Gandhi and others have shown us.

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