Friday, January 26, 2024

The Secret To A Longer Life?

After analyzing data from hundreds of studies of people in 59 countries, scientists determined people with more schooling tended to die later. Every additional year of education reduced mortality by 2%.

In an attempt to prolong my life, I am enrolling in classes in Russian, Greek, Chinese, and in advanced mathematics and physics. As this study did not analyze how well these people did in the classes they took, it is not my intent to attend any of these classes. I do intend to hang out in the cafeteria and eat all the junk food the students eat.

I anticipate living to be 134.

With Love To All - Dick

Footnote: This Study was published in Lancet Public Health, and I took literary license in evaluating the results.

Footnote: There is no word on how many classes biblical Methuselah took to live to be 969.

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