Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Greatest Gifts

As Charlie laid in his bed, he knew the end was near. At 86 his body was failing him and he could feel the presence of spiritual beings soon to guide him out of his body and into another dimension, one filled with love and beauty.

At his bedside was his devoted son Michael, holding his hand.

"There is something I must tell you," Charlie whispered to Michael in his raspy voice. "And I hope it makes all the difference in the world for you."

"What is it pop," Michael asked in earnest trying to ease his dad's mind.

"There were so many dreams I had," Charlie replied. "So many things I wanted to accomplish. But I let fear stop me. Fear of failure, fear of what others might think, fear of losing my money and other fears as well.

"But now that the end is near, I realize how foolish I was. All the things I might have accomplished will never be because I didn't take a chance. And that is my greatest regret, yet there is nothing I can do to change it now.

"I played it safe and let my dreams slip away.

"Don't let that happen to you Michael. The only failure there could ever have been is the one that confronts me now, the failure to act. For in action there is no failure only lessons to be learned on the road to success.

"On my death bed, I don't care what others might have thought, I don't care that I might have lost some money and I don't care about my other silly fears. Instead I care about what might have been and all the satisfaction that would have come with achievement and living life on my own terms."

Just then Charlie gripped Michael's hand tightly. "Promise me son that you won't make the same mistake, for with your promise and the action behind it, I will have given you the last and perhaps greatest gift I have to offer you."

"I promise you pop," replied Michael, "I will pursue my dreams. And as I do, I will think of you and be forever greatful as I pair this gift you've just given me with the one I find the greatest, the love and support you have given me all of my life."

With those words, Charlie smiled and all tension left his body as he felt assured he had given his son the greatest gifts he had to offer.

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