Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wisdom From A Butterfly

As Howard watched from the comfort of his backyard, the golden Monarch butterfly flitted through the warm summer air, landing on the scented white flowered jasmine.

"Oh, I wish I could be carefree like you," Howard said aloud. "But my cancer is growing worse and my body is withering away. Soon I'll no longer be here to keep you company."

Just then the Monarch butterfly flitted into the air and landed softly on Howard's paisley red and green shirtsleeve.

"Not long ago I was like you," the Monarch butterfly replied. "I was on the virge of death. But as I began to pass away, it turned out that I was actually going through a transformation.

"As a catapillar I was dying, only to be reborn as the butterfly you see before you today.

"You too are about to begin a transformation," the Monarch butterfly continued. "One in which you will leave behind your tired, sick old body.

"And when you do, you will become the bodyless spiritual being that has always lived within you, free to answer your heart and soar unencumbered to new heights.

"As you now behold the beautiful light within me, soon I will behold the beautiful light within you, as you transform to the free spirit that awaits.

"This is the journey of life, one of endless transformation," the Monarch butterfly added as he flitted his wings and soared to a thick bundle of pink roses in full bloom across the yard.

"Thank you my friend," Howard called out. "I look forward to the end of my pain and to my rebirth as a beautiful being, hopefully one as magnificent as you."

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