Sunday, August 24, 2014

What If

As the bright yellow butterfly flitted about in the summer sunshine, she noticed William, his shoulders slumped, his head down and a frown on his face.

She landed on a pink rose in front of William and asked, "How could you be so sad on such a beautiful day?"

"I'm upset," he replied. "The economy is weak and if things get worse, I could lose my job. And what happens if I get sick? Plus at 60 years of age, I'm not getting any younger. Death could be around the corner."

"Well," she answered, "My life is measured in weeks so I know to make the most of the time I have.

"But even more important," she continued, "I don't spend my life worrying about things that may never happen.

"If any bad things do happen, I'll deal with them then.

"But time is brief and all these beautiful trees and flowers that surround you and me are real and they are here for us to enjoy right now, this moment.

"Life is a gift and at its best is love and happiness. That is what I seek. How about you William, what is it you seek?

"The same as you," he responded.

"Then what are you waiting for," the butterfly asked as she began soaring in the gentle breeze. All of life is in the now. Come join me and together we will share the warmth of the sun and the scent of the flowers."

With her words, it was as if a hundred pound barbell had been lifted from William's shoulders, as a rush of joy came over him.

"You're right," he said to the butterfly. "Let's not waste another moment in fear of what ifs and instead we will rejoice in the lives we have."

And with a smile and a skip in his step, William and the butterfly went off in the summer day together, as joy swept their hearts.

Author Unknown

This inspired piece presented itself exactly as you see it after I saw a beautiful bright yellow butterfly flitting about in my backyard today. Print Friendly and PDF

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