Monday, December 1, 2014

Jack's Joyous Journey

9 year old Jack was an only child, who lived with his parents in a modest Santa Monica home.

But both of Jack's parents had to work to afford their home and pay their bills and Jack would come home after school and take care of himself until his parents came home each night.

Jack was a lonely boy.

In his 4th grade class he was a loner, because he was shy around the other children and he was terrible at sports, often being the last boy chosen for any team.

So when Jack would walk home alone after school, he would go inside and do his homework at the kitchen table and then watch a little television.

His favorite television show was "Fantasy Island," and the fantasy of visiting an Island paradise always intrigued Jack.

Then one sunny day, as Jack laid on the couch thinking of "Fantasy Island," he noticed a large red balloon in his backyard.

Curious, Jack examined this balloon and discovered it was a hot air gas balloon attached to a beige wicker basket, tied to an old green pine tree by a thick white rope.

This hot air gas balloon was irresistible.

Jack climbed into the wicker basket beneath the red balloon. All of a sudden the thick white rope released its grip on the pine tree and Jack found himself sailing gently beyond the Santa Monica Pier heading west over the deep blue sea.

Instead of feeling fear, Jack was excited to see where this journey would take him.

Above him, Jack could see white billowy clouds and an occasional jet airplane. And as he inhaled the air, it was fresh, with the salted scent of the open sea.

A short time later, Jack noticed a beautiful Island below him, with lush green palm trees each filled with small brown coconuts. He also saw white sand beaches and flowers in every color of a rainbow.

Jack felt his hot air gas balloon descending for the Island, and then it softly set down in a grass clearing next to a waterfall.

As Jack climbed out of the wicker basket, he could hear the laughter of children nearby and when he looked down at the base of the waterfall, he saw a beautiful crystal clear pond and a group of about 20 boys and girls his own age playing and swimming in the water.

There were boats and inner tubes and slides and swings and other toys playful 9 year olds enjoy.

"Come with us," one of the boys shouted to Jack. At first Jack was shy and hesitant but he began to move toward the kids, and when he reached them, one of them said,

"My name's Wilford, but everybody calls me 'Willie' and this is Jennie and Nathan and Big Jim and Little Jim, and Juan Carlos and Maria and DeShon and Ming and Deepok ," and the names kept coming as everyone smiled and waved at Jack.

"What's your name," asked Willie. "Jack," he replied.

"Hi Jack," answered Willie with a big grin and then everyone else welcomed Jack as well. "Not let's go have some fun," Willie yelled out as everyone cheered.

Just beyond Willie was a pile of bathing suits and swim fins and goggles, and Jack helped himself to a flowery yellow bathing suit.

A moment later, Jack and Willie and all the other kids were having a great time sliding down the slides, swinging on the swings, paddling around in the water, running around on the sand and using all the toys around them.

When Jack got hungry and thirsty, he noticed there was an endless supply of ice cream in about 50 different flavors and about 25 toppings.

He also sampled fresh popcorn being popped, and inhaled the irresistible scent of peanuts being roasted. There were also hot dogs on the grill..

On tap was ice cold water, chocolate milk, lemonade, snow cones and soft drinks.

"I've never had so much fun before," Jack called out to all his new friends. "I hope this never ends."

But suddenly, Jack felt his body shake.

"What's happening," he asked the other kids. "It's time for you to go home," said DeShon, as all the kids waved goodbye to Jack.

"Why do I have to go home," Jack pleaded. Just then he saw his mother smiling at him, as she shook him tenderly and said, "Wake up Jack, Its time for dinner. You've been sound asleep."

"I'll be back," Jack called out from within his mind, hoping all his new friends could hear him, as they faded from sight. "I promise, l'll be back."

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