Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Balloon Of Happiness

Once upon a time in the little town of Snedville there was a big golden balloon of happiness, one that everyone called "Ernie."

When people around Ernie were happy, he inflated until he was as big as a house, and he would float gently in the breeze, a signal of joy to everyone.

When people around Ernie were sad, he would deflate until he was no bigger than a marble, and he would often roll onto the floor with a thud, a signal of sorrow to everyone.

One day when the people were feeling good and Ernie was as big as a house, the nastiest man in town took a needle and poked a hole in Ernie.

As the air rushed out of Ernie with a giant swoosh, Ernie cried out, "I think I'm done for, and never again will I reflect your happiness."

In response, the people began to cry, and as they cried, Ernie shriveled faster than the air had been escaping him until he was as small as a marble.

Because of Ernie's rapid descent, he was still alive.

Dr. Agnes, a surgeon placed him in the palm of her hand and carefully patched him with strong but flexible glue.

"You'll be fine now Ernie," she proclaimed. As the crowd heard her words they became overwhelmed with joy and Ernie inflated until he was as big as a house.

"From now on we will protect you from evil," announced the Mayor of Snedville, a man with a big belly like Santa and a booming voice that echoed when he spoke.

"But you can never protect me from evil for it is everywhere," Ernie answered with a smile, as he bobbed gently in the air, "But so is brotherhood and happiness and love and kindness.

"Life's greatest protection is to be happy and live each day with that happiness, and to share that happiness with others.

"If everyone can do that, I promise you that I will not only be safe but often the inflated golden balloon that you all know and love."

And as the crowd cheered, Ernie grew just a little bit bigger and a little bit more golden than he had ever been before.


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