Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Will Santa Close His Toy Factory?

This year, the North Pole was abuzz with rumors that Santa would close his toy factory, layoff most of his elves and ship toy production to foreign sweat shops.

What began the rumors was a recommendation from Chief Operating Elf, Elvin to Santa saying they could save a fortune with layoffs and foreign production.

After reading the recommendation, Santa called Elvin into his office. "Why would you recommend such a thing," he asked Elvin in earnest.

"Because the cost savings are incredible," Elvin replied. "On benefits alone, you could save millions of dollars, because in most of those sweat shops, there are no benefits.

"You also pay your elves handsomely," Elvin continued with excitement in his voice. "While in those sweat shops the wages are so low, workers can barely survive on them."

"But what will people think," asked Santa.

"That's the best part," Elvin answered with a big grin. "Most people don't think about it. They only focus on the toys their children receive.

Santa sat there in stunned silence, dumbfounded by Elvin's recommendation.

After a moment of silence, Santa called out to his assistant, "Please prepare my reindeer and sleigh for a special journey."

He then turned to Elvin and said, "Elvin, I'm going to show you some things you've apparentl never seen before."

Soon Santa and Elvin began to visit those foreign sweat shops.

"Notice the terrible conditions in which they work," said Santa as Elvin saw filthy fire trap conditions, in which workers struggled to do their jobs.

"Now look who is doing some of the work," Santa added.

"But they're just children," Elvin replied, barely able to speak the words. "They should be in school. How could they do this to children?"

"How could they do this to anyone," Santa asked. "It is servitude that borders on slavery. Have you seen enough?"

"I have," replied Elvin still in shock.

When they returned to the North Pole, Santa called a meeting of all the elves. "Rumors have been circulating that we will close our toy factory and lay you all off," Santa said in his booming voice.

"I want you to know that those rumors are false," he continued. "We value each and everyone one of you, and your families.

"We could never bring toys that offer great happiness to children and their families, if we knew in our consciences and in our hearts that they weren't produced under the best conditions.

"We have built a reputation for building the finest toys in the world, and we will never compromise our quality nor our working environment in order to save money."

In hearing those words, elves throughout the entire auditorium burst into cheers that lasted several minutes long.

That night, the North Pole was aglow, a little brighter and a little warmer, as the elves celebrated in joy with their families.


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