Thursday, January 1, 2015

Why Irving Became One Of Santa's Elves

After careful soul searching, Irving became the first of Santa's Jewish elves. Why he chose to become an elf is a compelling story.

"Before I became an elf," Irving remarked, "I was an attorney, a criminal attorney. And in that time, I saw some of the worst acts that mankind commits.

"What I wanted to see was some of the greatest acts that mankind commits, and in giving gifts to children all over the world, I would get to see that.

"I would also get to see the happiness those gifts bring to their families.

"When I originally interviewed with Santa and Mrs. Claus for the job of elf, they asked what toy building experience I had.

"I told them that in my spare time, I had built Hannukah toys, and that I had also built toys for children of all faiths.

"Santa and Mrs. Claus listened carefully, and then they hired me, they said, not for my toy building skills, but because they felt my heart was in the right place.

"They warned me that a few of their elves didn't like Jews and that those anti-Semetic elves would make trouble for me.

"And Santa and Mrs. Claus were right. Grumpy, Weezy and Little Louie were pretty nasty at first, and they kept me out of elf parties and said terrible things about me behind my back.

"But quietly, I forgave them for I knew that they didn't know any better.

"Then as time passed and they got to know me, I became human to them, a real person, someone with hopes and feelings, and happiness and disappointments, just like they have.

"Gradually, we became friends. Today, we are the closest of buddies.

"Now, I could never be an attorney again, because I have so many elf friends and also, in bringing happiness to children and their families, I have learned what life is truly about.

"Life is about giving and sharing happiness, at each opportunity we can create, every day of the year. Happiness is a celebration of life, and in the Christmas season that is what Santa has always meant to people and hopefully always will."

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