Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Heaviest Ping Pong Ball

Stuart had serious health issues. His body ached, he had frequent headaches, he tired easily, suffered from severe mood swings and then suddenly he could even feel his heart race.

Desperate, he went to his doctor, Dr. Lois Vakouvian, seeking answers.

After a thorough exam, Dr. Lois said, "I found the problem and we can solve it."

"What is it Doc," he asked, his body tense as can be.. "I'll show you," she replied. "And it's going to surprise you."

Dr. Lois reached into her desk drawer and took out a ping pong ball, which she placed in Stuart's right hand.

"Now," she said, "Hold your right arm straight out as far as you can reach, as you hold onto this ping pong ball."

"This is nothing," Stuart replied as he held his right arm out straight, while looking at Dr. Lois quizzically.

"Now keep holding it," she answered.

At first, Stuart didn't feel anything. But after a time, his arm and shoulder grew weary.

 "Keep holding the ping pong ball out," she told him.

A while longer passed and Stuart's arm and shoulder began to shake, surprisingly under the weight of that ping pong ball.

 "I can't hold it up any longer Doc," he said. "I have to put the ping pong ball down and rest my right arm."

And with a gasp, that is exactly what Stuart did, as he finally relaxed.

"Stuart," said Dr. Lois," What you just did was to stress your right arm and shoulder using nothing heavier than a ping pong ball. But what started out light grew into something very heavy when you didn't relieve that stress.

"All of your symptoms are being caused by unrelieved stress," continued Dr. Lois. "And there are many other people just like you, allowing unrelieved stress to jeopardize their health."

"What's the answer Doc," asked Stuart.

"How does your right arm and shoulder feel," Dr. Lois asked in response.

"They feel good now because they're relaxed," Stuart replied.

"That's the answer," said Dr. Lois. "Relaxation." 

Then with a smile, she added,"The body is not meant to be under continuous stress. Place it under continuous stress and it will malfunction and breakdown. Stress disguised as heart attacks or other ailments can kill you.

"The choice is yours Stuart. Stay under stress and pay the consequences, or let go, relax and enjoy the magnificent gift that is your life. One choice leads to disaster, the other leads to joy."

Dr. Lois then handed Stuart the ping pong ball and said, "Which choice will you make?"

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