Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hannah The Healer

You may have heard of Hannah, for she was renowned to people all over the world who journeyed to her Malibu Canyon cottage to be healed from many of mankind's worst illnesses

If it was within their karma to be healed, she acted as a conduit, as the Creator's energy came through spiritual beings to heal them. But if it was not in their karma to be healed, she would tell them why she couldn't help them.

In any case, her services were always free.

Hannah treated each patient by gently placing her hands on them. When she touched them with one hand, there was no effect.

But when she placed both hands on them, energy surged throughout their bodies.

Several minutes later, she would remove her hands and each patient would either be healed, or at her request, receive additional treatments until they were healed.

Hannah never sought publicity for this gift and never viewed herself as anything more than a conduit for the spiritual beings who actually did the healing

In her professional life, Hannah was a philosophy professor at nearby Pepperdine University, and she came by her healing gift by accident.

When one of her students, a man in his 60's, had a heart attack in her class, while waiting those precious moments for the paramedics to arrive Hannah placed her hands on him to support his head.

By the time the paramedics arrived, the man had recovered, as if the heart attack hadn't happened.

The paramedics still rushed him to the hospital where the doctors heard him describe what had happened and believed he had a massive heart attack, yet they could find no sign of it.

Thereafter, word of mouth spread, and on weekends, Hannah served as a conduit for healing in her home, dedicating a large portion of her cottage for that purpose.

Patients waited in her living room, but sometimes there were so many, that they stood along the small country road that passed by her cottage,

Nature had provided abundant oak trees and wild flowers to create a magnificent setting on either side of the road.

But Hannah felt inspired to add beautiful rose bushes and begonias in her front yard and pine and eucalyptus trees and flowers along the roadside in front of her home. She also added benches for people to wait as comfortably as possible.

Healing had become her passion and for many years, Hannah treated patients, even into her old age.

But five years ago on her 94th birthday, Hannah passed gently from this world.

Yet her landscaping has continued to thrive, and in its magnificence, some people continue to arrive.

It is said that just to be in this beautiful setting can help to heal the sick, and that the loving spirit of Hannah continues to watch over them.

As one patient said as she stood among the gardens Hannah had planted years earlier, "It is a matter of faith. So much of life is a mystery and none of us has all the answers, but if you can believe with all of your heart, anything is possible."

Thank you to the late Dr. Jim MacKimmie, a Chiropracter and renowned Healer, who in his book "Presence Of Angels" (2005) shared real life stories that helped to inspire this piece. Print Friendly and PDF

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