Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life's Greater Purpose

As I sat outside reviewing my workload and sending texts on my cell phone, a little white winged butterfly set down on the petals of a round red rose next to me.

"Hi, I'm Andy," the butterfly said. "I'm Dick," I replied. "It's nice to meet you. I'll send this next text and then we can talk." He waited patiently for me, and after I sent my text, I turned to him.

"I'm trying to understand you humans," said Andy. "Please help me.

"My life span is just 7 days," Andy continued. "Your human lifespan is typically 75 or 80 years. I make the most of the brief time I'm here, as I sway in the gentle breeze, smell the roses and bask in the sun, while nature provides plenty to eat.

"But it seems to me you humans don't focus on living your lives. So many of you are stressed and appear to be doing things you really don't enjoy doing."

"That's true," I replied. "But we humans serve a greater purpose."

"Really," Andy answered quizzically. "What greater purpose is there than bringing beauty to the world as I do, and enjoying life."

"I'll tell you what that greater purpose is," I answered. "We fight wars and pay taxes. And we drive cars and use computers."

"How is that a greater purpose," asked Andy. "How is that even living?"

I quietly pondered Andy's questions. "Well," I said, "We also work for most of our lives to pay for our homes and put food on the table Then we retire and die."

"Of course you have your basic needs," Andy replied. "But I'll tell you what I think life's greater purpose is:

"It is to find happiness and love, to savor beauty and to strive for fulfillment as you do the things that capture your heart. The sooner you focus on those things, even if just for a little while each day, the sooner you will serve your greater purpose."

Andy added, "If all you do is work and stress yourself, have you lived at all?"

Then he began to gently flap his wings and said, "I'm going to leave you now so you can think about what we discussed."

"I'll think about it," I replied. "After I finish what I'm working on, catch up on my email, send some more texts, post some photos on Facebook and watch TV."

As Andy flew away, I thought how foolish he is. He clearly doesn't undestand humans nor life's greater purpose. He is just going to waste his life in pursuit of beauty, fulfillment and fun.

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