Friday, July 8, 2016

Benny And The Giant

Benny was a little man who was popular with everyone in his community, for he was always generous and kind to others.

One day, a giant of a man moved to Benny's community, and began bullying everyone. He either hurt them or threatened to hurt them.

The people lived in fear of this giant.

This giant told them that if they ever called the police, when he got out of police custody, he would hurt the people who called the police.

Benny tried to reason with this giant man, who responded by laughing at him, and threatening him.

Then one night at the local movie theater, this giant stood up and blocked the projector so that no-one could see the screen.

As the man laughed loudly at the frustration of others, Benny couldn't take it anymore.

He grabbed this man's enormous legs, and with all of his might, moved him aside.

As the movie stopped and the lights went on, the giant man roared. "You'll be sorry you ever did that," as he looked way down at Benny.

But Benny silently stood his ground.

Just then, to everyone's amazement, this giant man began to shrink, quickly becoming much smaller than Benny.

Now tiny, the man whirled around and ran in fright from the movie theater.

When asked by the crowd what just happened, Benny replied, "He is like most bullies, big, bad and loud until someone calls his bluff.

Once his bluff was exposed, he became the size of the person he truly is."

"The fact is, real courage  doesn't come from being huge, it comes from the size of one's heart and the depth of compassion in one's soul."

This story came from a dream 6/19/16

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