Friday, July 15, 2016

The Money Tree

Iris inherited her parent's modest home, and in its backyard was a money tree.

As Iris recalled from her childhood, whenever her parents needed money for the family or for charity, they gently shook the tree and money fell to the ground.

But Iris wanted everything money could buy, and shook the tree hard and often.

Then one day she shook it so hard, the tree trunk snapped, and the tree died.

"You were so selfish," Iris yelled at the fallen tree. "You never gave me all that I wanted."

Iris sold the home for a top price, and it was then donated to a group of monks.

That winter, it rained heavily, filling the earth with soothing moisture, and in the warmth of Spring, a sapling began to grow from the roots of the old money tree.

With time, it too grew tall and began to produce money.

"Our needs are few," said the monks. "You give us far more money than we need. We will give the excess money to help the poor, for greed has no place with us."

And so it came to pass. The Money Tree gave to those in need and was loved by all whose humble needs it fulfilled.

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